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PRESTIGE_Beauty_Chanel_Collection Libre

Collection Libre

“I used my penchant for all that shines to try and reconcile elegance and fashion.” – Gabrielle Chanel

Each Collection Libre is linked to the CHANEL world. In these focused annual collections, Mademoiselle Chanel’s enduring visual signatures and codes are adopted as talismans and then made contemporary for the season ahead.
“By pinpointing and intensely researching a classic symbol of the House, I’m able to invest those existing images and ideas with new energy and spirit,” Lucia Pica explains.

PRESTIGE_Beauty_Chanel_Collection Libre

For Collection Libre 2018, Lucia Pica adopts Gabrielle Chanel’s beloved lion icon as her talisman, capturing the grandeur and emotional intensity of the holiday season.

“The woman who wears Maximalisme De Chanel doesn’t hide, she loves being looked at,” Lucia Pica says. “She treats makeup almost like she would an accessory – an adornment that brings subtle drama to the mix without necessarily drawing attention to itself. She chooses between products to create striking oppositions.”

PRESTIGE_Beauty_Chanel_Collection Libre

Starting with the sophisticated golds, Lucia Pica’s collection builds into a deeper investigation of metallic textures and the feelings of wonderment and inner confidence they inspire.

In harnessing metal’s strength and resilience while reflecting the delicacy of its polished surfaces and imperfect patinas, the Maximalisme De Chanel metallics map out unprecedented polarities of light and shine. Heightened, at times subversive, these are not polite pairings for the faint of heart.

PRESTIGE_Beauty_Chanel_Collection Libre

“Metallic has this ‘wow’ effect, straight away. I felt, if we are going to do shine, then let’s do shine — push beyond mere gloss or pretty glittering surfaces. This isn’t metal gloss,” Pica says.

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Source: PR

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