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Bridal Bohemia

Bo & Luca has mesmerised women from Melbourne to London and San Francisco with their extraordinary designs and exquisite gowns, and now South African women have a chance to experience the Bo & Luca enchantment in Cape Town.

Shannon Pittman travelled the world in search of an answer to the question that she could not escape: who dresses the daring romantic? For carefree women with effortless and captivating style, who is trusted to create bridal wear that reflects their unique personalities? A love affair with the Middle East in her 20s showed her a world of bespoke tailoring and immaculate beadwork from which an answer was born – Bo & Luca.

Bo & Luca embodies a refreshingly free-spirited approach to bridal wear. The garments are defined through a fusion of flowing silk crepes and georgettes, layers of soft tulle, hand cut petals and delicately hand embroidered embellishments of beads, pearls and crystals. The quintessential Bo & Luca woman is drawn to unique, boutique style charm.

“The more time I spent assisting my newly engaged friends to find unique gowns for their weddings, the more I realised there was very little on the market to reflect their own sense of style and unique personalities.

Prestige Digital | Bridal Bohemia

“At first I started designing gowns that suited my own style aesthetic as well as that of my close friends – which largely fuses nomadic and nostalgic with a sense of freedom and movement – but as interest quickly spread to their friends too, my instinct told me there was a market and that was the beginning of Bo & Luca”.

The Cape Town studio is set in the heart of the city – a beautiful space that, with its clean colour palette and antique trinkets, fits seamlessly into the Bo & Luca experience. The label’s ability to expand so quickly is testament to not only the immense popularity of the garments but also the appreciation for the values embodied by Bo & Luca.

“We have brides from all over the world reaching out to us to find out where they can source our designs, which is humbling for any designer, but also an incredible compliment when they are choosing a Bo & Luca gown to represent them on such a beautiful and significant day in their lives.”

Prestige Digital | Bridal Bohemia

Bo & Luca is stocked in four cities across the world and now South Africa’s most romantic city is home to designs to truly fall in love with. Cape Town boasts a fashion-forward market of discerning brides and is also a coveted destination for worldly wanderers in search of global couture.

Shannon is now a bride-to-be herself and even more understanding of the profound importance of finding a gown that expresses the incredible, spirited and unique woman within, “My gown will definitely have all the elements that suit my personality, which are the same that are patiently nurtured into every Bo & Luca design: Freedom, femininity and fluidity.

“The gravity of a wedding day goes without saying. For an occasion with such incredible significance, it couldn’t be more important to be true to yourself and trust your sense of style. The dress – the perfect dress, should be an extension of your true essence.”

Bo & Luca
4th Floor,
32 St Georges Mall
Cape Town, 8001
South Africa

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