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“Wrinkles should merely indicate where the smiles have been.” Mark Twain

Halt the hands of time with BABOR, why not? The newly relaunched SKINOVAGE range introduces products to suit different skin requirements that pause the ageing process. The ‘EpigenTech Power Peptide’ which is evident in the SKINOVAGE products ensure that the youthfulness of your skin is utilised for longer.

You can now kiss those frown lines and wrinkles goodbye! The SKINOVAGE range includes sub-ranges for different skin types that aid prolonged ageing of the skin.

● SKINOVAGE Moisturizing range contains intensively moisturizing ingredients and selectable lipids that care for dry, flaky and unpleasantly tight skin. The moisturizing range instantly increases the skin’s moisture content with a long-lasting effect and increases the concentration of natural moisturizing factors in the skin.
● SKINOVAGE Calming range contains an intensive calming extract that quickly reduce irritations and pacifies the skin. This range has been designed specifically for sensitive skin, it soothes the skin, boosts the skin’s resilience and reduces its tendency to become hypersensitive.
● SKINOVAGE Balancing range has been designed to meet the complex needs of combination skin. Combination skin can pose challenges and be considered as problematic which requires a versatile skincare solution. The Balancing range have active ingredients that has been designed to combat multiple focus areas of combination skin.
● SKINOVAGE Purifying range has been effectively designed to combat blemishes, refine the complexion, counteracts the progressive loss of elasticity and formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
● SKINOVAGE Vitalizing range has been developed with specific care areas for tired, dull and jaded skin. The Vitalizing range employs the concentrated power of active ingredients to revitalize exhausted, stressed skin and support all its regenerative and cell renewal processes. The Blue Light Protect Complex protects against premature skin aging caused by exposure to blue light.

You can stop the ageing clock, before it stops you. The BABOR SKINOVAGE range helps prevent epigenetic ageing by prolonging the cells ability to transfer the genetic information that is responsible for ageing.

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