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Exclusive LILY Collection Brings Extra Sparkle To FIRST DIAMONDS


From the gentle rounded edges of the Lily Cut® to the clean edges of the Orchidea Cut®, the Lily Collection is inspired by the delicate perfection and intricate precision of the botanical world. With world-class cuts, flawless stones and inspired settings, this remarkable new range has immediately raised the bar for luxury diamond jewellery design in Africa.

These are all exclusive patented cuts, and we are the only diamond studio in South Africa to offer these unique diamond creations,” says Heidi Wahl, Brand and Marketing Manager for First Diamonds.


Before the master diamond cutters and goldsmiths get to work, the process of creating each exceptional piece in the Lily Collection begins with sourcing superior quality diamonds, with only the very finest stones meeting the exacting standards of flawless clarity and colour.

All diamonds are rare, but these stones are truly on another level. The quality of the diamonds is simply superb,” adds Wahl, adding that the painstaking process of cutting, polishing and setting means “extremely limited numbers of each piece in the Collection are produced.”


With fewer than a dozen unique designs in the Lily Collection, meticulous attention to detail has gone into crafting each and every necklace, ring or pair of elegant earrings.


Most designs in the Collection are centred on a signature stone supported by a galaxy of smaller gems. While these large diamonds dazzle with their faultless clarity and eye-catching cut, the smaller gems are no less impressive thanks to the inspired designs.

A key element of the Lily Collection designs is the interplay between gold and stone. The range of pieces in the Collection have been crafted to include a variety of golden hues, with rose-gold, yellow-gold and white-gold marrying together to enhance the setting of rare stones. In many pieces, the synergy of colours is as striking as the stones themselves, from natural fancy pink diamonds set in rose gold to natural fancy yellow diamonds glimmering above a band of classic yellow gold.


There’s an incredible range of flawless natural fancy-colour diamonds in the Lily Collection, which adds to the rarity value of each piece,” notes Wahl. “These are real statement pieces.”

And perhaps none more so than the star of the Lily Collection, a double-drop set of earrings – which can be worn together or individually – that features Lily Cut®, Orchidea Cut®, Crisscut® and Crisscut® cushion diamonds. Equally eye-catching are the double-halo rings, the floral-shaped halo of gold a perfect foil for the finely cut stones.

True to First Diamonds’ commitment to ethical jewellery production, all diamonds in the Lily Collection are sourced from legitimate suppliers in strict accordance with the Kimberley Process, and independently certified by the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) for quality, cut and clarity.

With remarkable diamonds transformed by exclusive patented cuts, the sought-after Lily Collection is aimed firmly at diamond connoisseurs with the eye to invest in memorable designs worthy of achieving heirloom status.

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