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WAZ Amphibious Furniture

Imagine luxurious outdoor furniture that lives outside happily, come rain or shine – that is also upholstered, fantastically comfortable and stylish. Now imagine lounging both alongside and in the pool on the same couch, lounger or chair. Yup. We’re talking about “Amphibious Furniture”!

We’re not referring to inflatable plastic pool floats, but rather upholstered furniture that can live happily in and out of the water and can withstand the harshest of the natural outdoor elements, while still looking like real furniture. 

This furniture does not need to be constantly covered or brought indoors. The specialised outdoor fabrics have been sourced the world over and come in a wide variety of magnificent colours, designs and textures. The high-performance fabric is a key ingredient to these beautiful collections, not only creating their great looks but their exceptional functionality and superior comfort. 

The combination of the simplicity in the furniture design and these bold, expressive, unapologetically loud colours, designs and textures make them stand out from anything else on the local market, always making a WOW outdoor statement.

Unlike most manufacturers who use wood / metal / plastic for outdoor furniture, Sarah Wassell of WAZ Outdoor loved the purity and absolute simplicity of upholstered shapes in magnificent fabrics. The lounger designs and inner filling result in a comfort like no other.

WAZ has more recently become extensively involved in collaborations with various up-and-coming fashion and fabric designers, luxury brands, hospitality groups, textile houses and has been working closely with the mills to ensure that the latest fabric additions have even more novelty and style, to ensure a winning formula.

Designers, decorators, architects and discerning home owners are always looking for something new and unique, so WAZ prides themselves in designing and tailoring accordingly.

The range includes loungers, extra-length loungers, sofabeds, daybeds, chairs, and luxury accessories in the form of outdoor carpets and umbrellas. The beautiful covers can be removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Transform your pool deck or patio with unexpected, statement furniture pieces that everybody wants to sit on (in and out of the water). People just gravitate to them! 

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