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Unparalleled comfort and performance

To experience Cosm is, as Studio 7.5 says — to forget gravity. And now people can have that comfort and support no matter how many settings they sit in throughout the day. Designed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, Cosm is Herman Miller’s first task chair with an automatic tilt. It also has the industry’s first suspension armrest.

As more organizations move toward shared workplaces and workpoints, and people enjoy the freedom to choose the setting based on the work they need to do, one thing hasn’t changed: the need for ergonomic support. Cosm offers exactly this consistency, providing unparalleled comfort and performance, making it not only great for individuals, but also the ultimate shared chair. Cosm rapidly adjusts to whomever is sitting in it using its hidden “engine,” the Auto-Harmonic Tilt™—a culmination of two decades of design research and engineering that further deepened Herman Miller’s understanding of how people sit and work.

Hidden in Cosm’s gearbox beneath the seat is the technology that gives the feeling of balance and comfort. The Auto-Harmonic Tilt instantly and automatically provides continuous support and fluid movement corresponding to the person’s body, posture, and seated position. Other chairs on the market with automatic tilts achieve this simplicity by compromising the experience—relying on systems that cause the body to follow the tilt mechanism, rather than the tilt following the body. Cosm’s Auto-Harmonic Tilt is able to understand how much tension to provide based on the downward force exerted by the person and it provides the same experience for everyone, regardless of body type or seated position.

Perfecting the tilt mechanism, to give users the seamless experience Studio 7.5 was aiming for, involved years of building and testing full-scale prototypes. Studio 7.5 built and tested prototypes in-house using a new 3D-printing technology blending aluminum dust and resin to create mechanically sound components. After countless iterations of 3-D printed prototypes, along with hand sculpting, tweaking, and testing, Studio 7.5 arrived at Cosm’s final form.

Cosm’s ergonomic support goes beyond mechanics. The frame and fabric suspension work in tandem with the Auto-Harmonic Tilt. The continuous suspension material forms to each person’s unique contours, delivering dynamic, uninterrupted support. Cosm’s arms also make it unique. In fact, the use of suspension material over a solid form make its Leaf Arms an industry first. Precision-designed for comfort, Leaf Arms cradle the elbow, supporting its delicate nerves even in a variety of positions. In addition, the angle of the Leaf Arms prevents them from colliding with work surfaces. Studio 7.5 states that it “integrates seamlessly within a landscape of work surfaces.”

Cosm is intended to “foster great connection, creativity, productivity and ultimately greater prosperity for all.”

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