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Prestige Digital | OKHA's Stellar and Super Stellar

OKHA’s Stellar and Super Stellar

OKHA is a Cape Town based interior design studio. They are creators of progressive, elegant furniture and lighting, as well as artisanal objects and contemporary floor art. Their design is inspired by an enquiring contemporary aesthetic and timeless classicism, with a deep respect for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Stellar comes from the Latinate for “star” and is epitomised in OKHA’s range of Stellar and Super Stellar candleholders by designer Adam Court, which draw on both cosmic and cultural references.

Prestige Digital | OKHA's Stellar and Super Stellar

Why Stellar? Stars are the result of a heated compression of inter-relational forces: the force of gravity compresses atoms in interstellar gas until the fusion reaction begins and a new form is born. The same description can be applied to many elements, including human nature; the often fascinating and unpredictable results of bringing opposing elements and forces together to give life to a new entity, form or perspective.

For Court, the Stellar and Super Stellar candleholders are imbibed with “the emotional evocation of starlight, movement, combustion and constellation.” 

Prestige Digital | OKHA's Stellar and Super Stellar

“These forms are simplex objects, simultaneously simple and complex, in mathematical terms they represent the principal that 1 + 1 = 3”.  ~ Adam Court

The Blue and Green Stellar have undergone a rigorous process of oxidization and patination to attain their depth of colour, both are made of mild steel while the golden SUPER STELLAR are of solid polished brass. All weigh more than they visually imply; these are not trinkets to fulfil a passing fancy like so many things in the age of consumerism, but rather they achieve a level of design integrity and value placing them in the very small and desirable category of objet d’art. 

Prestige Digital | OKHA's Stellar and Super Stellar

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