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Lemon Litchi

Lemon Litchi by IV

Aunt and niece duo Ilene Erlank and Verishca Heyns are the creators and print designers of Lemon Litchi by IV.

They grew up with a love for art, creativity and nature and always dreamt of starting a creative business together.

“We wanted to create beautiful things that would bring vivacity, comfort and style into people’s lives. Our first step was getting a BA degree in fashion design. Over those three years we refined our designing skills and received our degrees Cum Laude.”

And so Lemon Litchi by IV was born.

They paint and draw every single thing you will find in their print designs, from botanicals, to ocean creatures, to insects. Their exclusive designs are printed onto luxurious fabrics and transformed into striking décor products. 

They have recently extended their product range to include exquisite table runners and napkins that will be perfect for Summer entertaining.

Summer Dawn Scatter Cushion

Lemon Litchi

Picture yourself in summer, walking through a field of wildflowers at dawn. Morning has broken and the flavours and smells of summer surround you. Warm glowing light permeates the sky as the sun rises. This scatter cushion will bring that little piece of sunshine, radiating warmth and contentment into your home.

Sub-Aquatic Amazon Scatter Cushion

Lemon Litchi

This underwater forest print with angelfish hiding in delicious monster leaves creates a whimsical and dramatic atmosphere. The reds, oranges, yellows, greens and blues are reminiscent of warm tropical waters.

Stained Glass Garden Scatter Cushion

Lemon Litchi

The stained glass windows of the Notre Dame Cathedral inspired this design. They tried to capture the brightness of the light shining through the array of colours found in the windows. The fragmented pieces come together to create a beautiful whole.

Mexican Nightfall Scatter Cushion

Lemon Litchi

The Mexican desert meets a tropical forest as fractured moonlight dances on the leaves and succulents in this design. It creates a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere that takes you somewhere far away, warm yet cold.

Entomon Scatter Cushion

Imagine the humid Amazonian forest. The sun kissing your skin through the canopy of tropical flora above you. You take a deep breath, inhaling the smells and vapour of the forest. You hear the sounds of beetles squeaking, birds chirping, frogs croaking.

This crisp and bright rhinoceros beetle design is exactly what you need to take you there. With its warm yellows and contrasting dark details it transports you back to nature.

Sunkissed Orchid Table Runner and Napkins

In this design they wanted to celebrate the beauty of the orchid. There is such an amazing variety of orchids and each one is special and different to the rest. Here they paired the Gilded Tower orchid and the Naomi’s Delight orchid. These two go beautifully together with their golden petals, spotted details and accents of rust and pink.

The Collector Pistachio Table Runner and Napkins

Bees are some of their favourite insects, especially bumblebees. “With their big shiny black eyes, their fluffy little bodies and delicate wings they are basically the most adorable insect ever to exist.” They were the perfect addition to this pistachio and pastel green design. They brought it to life. The typical story of the bumblebee…surrounded by flowers and plants, searching for pollen to collect.

Nektar Table Runner And Napkins

“The hummingbird is such an amazing creature. Every day the hummingbird consumes half of their weight in sugar and nectar.” They wanted to portray the hummingbird in search of its next sugary treat, surrounded by flowers and petals.

Midnight Estival Table Runner and Napkins

Many of their designs are very abstract. They take their original art and distort the pieces to create their typical Lemon Litchi by IV designs. With this design, however, they went in the opposite direction. Here they wanted to showcase their artwork in its original and pure forms. They chose the dark background to create a contrast and to let you focus on the art, and the art alone.

Visit their online store at to browse their whole collection.

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