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Estelon: The Most Luxurious Loudspeakers

The Estonian high-end audio company manufactures Estelon, the most luxurious loudspeakers that fit perfectly into modern homes. The Estelon speakers are the result of 35+ years of experience, research and development. These speakers have been acknowledged for emitting the most realistic and life-like sound.

Offering the ultimate sonic experience through the most effortless transparent reproduction, they also maintain the unique stylish design with clear curves that eliminate the effects of reflective diffraction. 

Each speaker is a designer statement in a spectacular sound system form, requiring over 1000 person-hours to be produced. The enclosure of this sophisticated technology comes in a range of premium gloss and matte colours. They please the eyes as much as they please the ears.

Estelon loudspeakers

Estelon partners with interior designers, architects and system integrators to provide their clients with these high-end handmade loudspeakers.

The marble-based composite used for the cabinets gives a sculptural shape eliminating the intrusive technology factor.

The Estelon speakers fit into elegant domestic environments, without compromising on sound quality. The highest performance levels meet luxury through the premium multi-layered finish in automotive industry standards.

Innovation Award

Estelon is proud to associate with some of the top brands and leaders in the world today. They also gained laurels of appreciation for their inventive approach to design and audio.

It has twice won the ‘Innovation Award’ and once the ‘Best of Innovation Award’ at the Consumers Electronics Show (CES). The ‘Red Dot Design Award’ as another of the many titles the brand has garnered over the years.

The Chief Designer of Estelon, Alfred Vassilkov, strives for perfection at every stage of production. This also helps produce the most unique-looking modern speakers on the outside with sheer perfection on the inside.

These luxurious speakers use cutting-edge technology as well as creativity to intensify the listening experience through transparency, fidelity, and elegance!

Estelon loudspeakers are a design dream that provides tonal balance excellency as part of a flawlessly designed interior. 

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