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Chelseabelle Cushions

Chelseabelle – Beautifully Designed Scatter Cushions

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Just before lockdown Annabelle Krige went in search of lounge scatters because she needed a few stylish designs to freshen her home. She noticed that there was not much variety online or in stores and she saw a gap in the market which led to the creation of Chelseabelle.

Chelseabelle offers modern, elegant and stylishly decorative scatter cushion covers to add a distinctively detailed feel to your home or work space.

They provide a unique and locally hand-crafted assortment of scatter cushion covers inspired by on-trend designs, seasonal colours and quality fabrics.

They sell wholesale, online, to boutiques, interior designers and the hospitality industry.

Their vision is to provide quality designs and fabrics to the customer and their aim is to inspire their customers’ living spaces.

Annabelle Krige of Chelseabelle
Annabelle Krige of Chelseabelle

Annabelle is a wife and mom to two beautiful kids, a seven-year old boy and a seven-month old girl. She is a cancer survivor who believes in following her heart, never giving up, always trying her best and listening to her intuition.

She has always had a passion for all things fashion and lifestyle. Having worked in Fashion Retail for 20 years on both the corporate retail and wholesale supplier side, she developed a very good understanding of what the customer requires and how to meet their needs.

She really enjoys the process of range selection and when she is able to convert ranges into orders it gives her great joy. She also appreciates the relationships created and nurtured on both the buyer and supplier sides.

She has honed her skills in buying, retail management, sourcing, negotiation, range-building and presenting. She has also developed skills in website management, social media and WordPress and has used this in her website creation and management.

“The strongest action for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.” ~ Unknown

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Facebook:  @mychelseabelle

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