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Clenergy: Anti-aging Eatery

Clenergy: Anti-Ageing Eatery

Clenergy, the world’s first anti-ageing eatery opened its doors in November 2019 to much success. From the beginning their mission has been to make healthy, low carb, sugar free, wheat free fast food that is deliciously decadent and indulgent, helping consumers eat healthy without compromising on taste.

Lockdown changed things. Dynamic thinking by the Clenergy team, led by entrepreneur Abdulla Miya, lead to 3 new business units.

Clenergy now boasts a Health Food Emporium, stocked with beautifully-made soups and ready-made meals that are frozen for convenience, a plethora of supplements for optimal health and immunity, organic produce from the Sonneskyn Farms, eco-friendly home cleaning products, freshly-made breads and bagels, organic maple syrup, honey and specialty cordials. The mouth-watering list goes on and on.

While some things may have changed, others have not – all products sold are still sugar and gluten-free and low carb. Taste, variety, and no compromise on health are part of the brand’s unique selling points.

Clenergy also offers a full on delivery and take-away service. They have invested in their own drivers and are able to deliver throughout Gauteng.

The third business unit is their innovative weekly meal plan program. Clenergy offers 35 weekly meal plans for you to choose from, starting from as little as R375 for 5 meals (excl. delivery). All meals are Keto, Banting, low carb, wheat and sugar free.

Whatever your goals may be, whether it be weight-loss, Keto or Banting diets, immune boosting or even if you’re just craving delicious food, Clenergy has you covered.

Eat yourself pretty at South Africa’s first ever anti-ageing eatery – Clenergy!

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