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CELEBRITY SPOTTING: All the best-dressed Men at the 96th Annual Academy Awards & 2024 Vanity Fair Oscars Party

The 96th Academy Awards wasn’t just about celebrating cinematic achievements; it was a night where fashion took centre stage, and the men emerged as some of the night’s biggest style stars. Interestingly, all the best-dressed men seemed to have found a common thread – Louis Vuitton.

Classic with a Twist: Bradley Cooper

The ever-dapper Bradley Cooper opted for a custom Louis Vuitton double-breasted suit, but with a playful twist. The black jacket also featured unexpected turquoise buttons, adding a subtle pop of colour. Flared pants, a crisp white shirt, and black derbies completed the look. He also sported a rose gold Tambour watch with a brown dial, adding a touch of luxury. This ensemble perfectly embodied Cooper’s signature style – classic and timeless with a hint of personality.

The Bold and Regal Colman Domingo

Colman Domingo wasn’t afraid to make a statement, also choosing a custom Louis Vuitton look. His double-breasted jacket was undeniably bold in black, adorned with shimmering gold crystal buttons that added a touch of regal flair. Flared pants and a white shirt formed the base, while a black monogram bowtie with a brooch completed the sophisticated air. Black and gold leather boots added another layer of texture and extravagance to the look.

Effortless Cool at the After-Party

The fashion parade didn’t end at the ceremony. LeBron James made a powerful entrance at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, once again in Louis Vuitton. Opting for a more relaxed vibe, James rocked a classic white double-breasted jacket paired with sleek black flared pants. To complete his look, he wore black squared glasses which added a touch of intellectual coolness. Overall, his choice was a masterclass in effortless style, proving that even casual elegance can make a statement.

Downey Jr.’s Dazzling Debut

Robert Downey Jr. was seen joining the Louis Vuitton party at the Vanity Fair after-party in a custom creation. He, too, sported a black “dandy” jacket, a style known for its shorter cut and playful personality. The jacket was further accentuated with satin lapels and contrasting pearl buttons, adding a touch of luxury to his ensemble. To complete his look, he paired the jacket with a white shirt, black flared pants, and sleek black leather boots. His wife, Susan Downey, complemented his look with a chic black V-neck jersey gown. Together, this duo oozed Hollywood glamour with a touch of Downey Jr.’s signature whimsy.

Rising Star, Rising Style

The night wasn’t just about established names. Rising star Teo Yoo announced his arrival on the fashion scene, also choosing a custom Louis Vuitton creation. He looked sharp in a classic navy double-breasted suit with black satin lapels, showcasing a sophisticated yet youthful style.

The 96th Academy Awards proved that men are no longer playing second fiddle in the fashion department. This year, they embraced bold choices, classic elegance, and a touch of personality, all thanks to the masterful tailoring of Louis Vuitton. The red carpet truly became a runway for these well-dressed gentlemen, showcasing their unique styles and setting the tone for a night to remember.

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