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B.zero1 ROCK

Bvlgari’s B.zero1 ROCK

Breaking the rules. Subverting the established order. Innovating through creativity and imagination inspired by 2700 years of unrivaled Roman arts and architecture. 

In keeping with its unapologetic dedication to originality and boldness, Bvlgari continues to blaze new trails with audacity and bravery. Kicking off the third decade of a successful, revolutionary journey, Bvlgari writes the new chapter of its B.zero1 glorious adventure.  

A celebration of the Roman jewelry house’s fierce and indomitable spirit, 1 ROCK embodies the unapologetic rule breaker deeply connected with the Bvlgari DNA. A liberating expression of independence and strength, reflecting Bvlgari’s quintessential pioneering spirit combined with groundbreaking creativity. 

Inspired by the heritage Bvlgari tubogas chocker with studs dating back to the Eighties, the new B.zero1 Rock stands out as an iconic symbol of distinctiveness and self expression. 

The original B.zero1 design’s sinuous, audacious spiral lines, inspired by the circularity of Rome’s Colosseum, the most famous amphitheater in the world, meet the daring and edgy geometry of studs for outstanding creations. 1 ROCK boasts traffic stopping designs conceived to exalt the unique personality and individuality of women and men, who want to telegraph a message of independence, strength and audacity. Unapologetic rockers, independent thinkers, exuberant hedonists… they all affirm their uniqueness through iconic creations. Stronger than ever in design, B.zero1 ROCK epitomizes a new generation of unisex precious jewelry once again pioneering the category.

Bvlgari combines yellow gold with diamonds on the edge and experiments with technology by injecting black ceramic in the two edges in the rose gold version, engraved with the Bvlgari double-logo, exalting the signature double wave which encircles B.zero1 ROCK’s studded core. 

Originating from the iconic ring – available in two versions – pendants with new and geometric chains, bangle bracelets and earrings also conjure B.zeroROCK’s disruptive, audacious image. 

For a new, take on jewelry. For a new idea of jewelry able to empower people. For a rebellious state of mind generating beauty and splendor. In the name of Bvlgari’s distinctive unapologetic, unique attitude.    

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