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Prestige Digital | Jan Kaláb: Go ahead and put baby in the corner

Jan Kaláb: Go ahead and put baby in the corner

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You know that spot on your wall you barely think about and doesn’t get any love? Oh yeah, the corners… Well, that’s all about to change as Jan Kaláb, one of Czech’s most notable contemporary artists today, has launched his series of Corner Paintings. To be sure, these paintings will fill empty voids full of hypnotic blasts of mesmerizing colours and shapes. Adding depth and dimension to simple plain walls.

Prestige Digital | Jan Kaláb: Go ahead and put baby in the corner

“Corners are usually little forgotten areas where you barely place any artwork you are proud of. However, this type of disadvantage can, actually, be turned into an advantage once you figure out how to do a corner painting. From here, the potential and opportunities to hang in all corners of the world are limitless. My technique of relief canvases is ideal; I create two halves connected at a 90 degrees angle, and the canvases are stretched connecting these two silhouettes with a perfect surface and wall ejection.”

explains Jan Kaláb of the series.

Of course, as an abstract artist, working with various mediums and different types of techniques, shapes, and colours are the main characters of Jan’s work. All of which he pushes and splices together to exaggerate or minimize forms and, ultimately, to express his artistic self. Jan’s impressive artwork has gained him fast notoriety within his homeland and around the world, from the US, such as New York and Miami, to Asia, such as Taipei and Seoul, with his spectacular expressions of paintings, sculptures, and 3D graffiti.

Obviously, Jan’s work consistently explores new techniques and structures. Through geometrizing morphology, precise acrylic painting, and layered surfaces – he embarks on an analysis of space within a classic ideology, redirecting the known into the unknown into a new dimension. With an everlasting commitment, the joy of playful discovery, and infinite possibilities, Jan Kaláb’s work is free and vast.

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