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OKHA Catalogue

A pivotal new edition to the OKHA catalogue

“I didn’t want to do a box shape with four legs, and as soon as you change those fundamentals everything opens up” Adam Court, OKHA Creative Director

The new Villa bedside table by OKHA is shown here in a rich Walnut Timber paired with a Nougat MatisMarble. To create a unique outline, Creative Director Adam Court has moved away from the traditional box shape with four legs and allowed asymmetry and a more organic and intuitive line to establish the form.

Using three legs allows interplay between body shape and table legs. The table top fluidly moves around and circumnavigates the table legs like water around an obstacle.The mood of the table draws inspiration from the project it was first created for, South Villa, where curvaceous, sensual forms played an integral part in the style and ambience of the project.

The table has a functional storage space and utilizes a sculpted finger grip detail that slides out in an effortless aesthetic resolution.

The master bedroom suite of South Villa is wonderfully opulent and practically a domain unto itself. The entire top level of the penthouse is a very private and self-contained zone. Drawing on this moody and dramatic setting, Court has used concepts of self-restoration and languid seclusion in the table design.

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