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Edition 98.

We are all born with 24 hours available to us in the day. No more, no less.

The phrase “spending time” is often anomalous. The acquisition of luxury objects has always fulfilled aspirations, but what luxury’s tastemakers really yearn for themselves is not material at all. What they yearn for is sometimes alluded to as a “bucket list” – an equally anomalous term. In a busy and intrusive world, people are increasingly valuing time more when it’s spent enjoying special moments and extraordinary experiences, than on the mere accumulation of objects.

In the world of consumer brands and marketing, we like to put a value on things. But it is only when something becomes invaluable and enviably exclusive that it reaches the epitome of luxury. The classic symbols – the Hermès Birkin bag, a couture dress by Dior, a watch by Rolex – aren’t in any danger of losing status. But around its edges, the concept of luxury is getting blurry, making it less clear where it begins and ends. Inclusive versus exclusive – Burberry streams its fashion shows live for all to see whereas, in 2015, Dolce & Gabbana flew only their very best clients to a private island off the coast of Capri to show their Alta Moda haute couture collection. Many of the largest luxury brands are fetching unheard-of prices for once-off or extremely limited production runs.

In many ways, what someone finds compelling and luxurious is relative to that person’s own history, cognitive and behavioural style, and aspirations. What drives a person to transform a “want” into a “must” is only partially based on a product’s attributes, the rest being intimately tied to a person’s self-narrative and their perception of the brand’s marketing position.
When you start thinking about how you are currently spending your time, and what you’d like to be doing with the things that really matter to you; when you start wondering if your time isn’t being eaten up by the things that matter less – that’s when the realisation hits that you should take time for things you enjoy in life. In this issue we focus on doing things that can make you feel energized and more relaxed at the same time. Be it vacations, hobbies, a shopping spree, managing your health and wealth – to create the perfect life, you must choose material and spiritual things that resonate with your true persona, beliefs and desired lifestyle. Most importantly, your selection should resonate with your innermost dreams and desires as well as support your well-being.

If chosen properly, material things can significantly enhance our lives providing comfort, convenience and support of our overall wellness. They allow us to achieve more at a faster rate, with fewer demands and better balance.

Find the time to be you and enjoy 2019!

Edition 98

Written by Carly Bailey Natasen

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