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Certain things are well worth the wait….

Deetlefs is the 2nd oldest wine estate, in South Africa, under ownership of the same family for almost two centuries. This seven generation business is home of the 1974 Philippus Petrus Deetlefs Muscat d’ Alexandrie , which is today deemed one of the most rare and unique wines in the world.


Like most things precious, South Africa’s most expensive dessert wine wasn’t made in a day. Back in 1974, two winemakers from Breedekloof entered into a friendly wager. One claimed it was impossible to mature a Muscat d’Alexandrie for any length of time. The other winemaker believed otherwise. His name was Philippus Petrus Deetlefs. To prove his theory, he filled a third of a tank with Hanepoot lees, and the remaining two thirds with Hanepoot wine, and in closing the tank, he began a new chapter in the Deetlefs story. Fifteen years later, in 1989, the tank was opened. Inside was a unique and sublimely flavoured wine.


Muscat d’Alexandrie is deemed one of the world’s rarest wines as the already small volume of this very special batch is decreasing. In honour of Philippus Deetlefs’ legacy, only one small batch of Muscat d’Alexandrie will be made every twenty five years. It is this passion for innovation that has defined the Deetlefs Family wine estate throughout its almost 200-year history. And although 44 years may seem like a long time to make a wine, our Muscat d’Alexandrie 1974 is proof that certain things are well worth the wait.

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