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PRESTIGE_Property_Pecanwood Estate

Pecanwood – a Lifestyle Estate

Over the past decade or so, the South African property landscape has given rise to a number of residential estates which offer lifestyle elements combined with safety and security. Pecanwood was one of the pioneers to make estate living extremely popular and, consequently, a good investment option.
PRESTIGE_Property_Pecanwood Estate

Pecanwood’s original market niche was as a golf and lifestyle ‘resort’, as is evident in the initial development plans. An underlying theme of the marketing initiatives asked prospective buyers the question: “why spend your weekend driving to and from your weekend?”, which played directly to the twin themes of a weekend resort-type getaway and a location within easy reach of the primary residential home. In South Africa, however, a new kind of “pre-retirement” life stage emerged, which involves executives seeking a lifestyle that is closer to nature, while remaining in close proximity to commercial hubs, as they are often high-flying, economically active individuals.

This percentage of owners has been greatly improved over recent years through enhancement of the road network with significantly more owners now permanently residing in the estate, instead of utilising their homes purely for recreational or leisure use.

PRESTIGE_Property_Pecanwood Estate

The estate runs along the gently undulating edge of the southern shoreline of the Hartbeespoort dam in an area which is possibly one of the top five most visited destinations in South Africa. The attraction, in terms of regional tourism, can largely be attributed to the area’s location, which puts it within easy driving distance of two of Africa’s largest conurbations in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

PRESTIGE_Property_Pecanwood Estate

This prestigious development is also home to Africa’s first Jack Nicklaus signature golf course which, in addition to its other leisure facilities, offers an enviable mix of a superb climate, a range of outdoor activities and residential excellence that combine in a lifestyle experience which many would aspire to. Infrastructure has also been vastly improved with a new lifestyle mall opening shortly right at the main gate and a proliferation of new schools cropping up to cater to the increased demand from permanent abode residents. There are also several new recreation and entertainment venues in proximity, especially in the nearby Magaliesberg area, where one can attain a balanced and active lifestyle whilst being in the clean fresh air, close to nature.

PRESTIGE_Property_Pecanwood Estate

As it stands, whether you have just finished a round of golf, or strolled down to the lake to see the swans and their cygnets, or are merely sitting on the terrace at the Boat Club restaurant enjoying a quiet drink while watching the sun set over the water and the Magaliesberg, any Pecanwood homeowner can rightfully say that by whatever benchmarks you may choose to judge, they own a lifestyle property in one of South Africa’s most complete residential estates – one that has stood the test of time.

Published in Prestige 98
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