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Trendsetting opposites – the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE and the smart vision EQ fortwo

Mercedes-Benz Cars on the eve of the Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA)

Showcar Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, zweisitziger Supersportwagen-mit modernster und effizientester Formel 1-Hybrid-Technologie, High Performance Plug-in Hybrid Antriebsstrang mit 1,6-Liter-V6-Turbobenzinmotor und vier Elektromotoren
Showcar Mercedes-AMG Project ONE, two-seater supersports car with the very latest and efficient, fully-fledged Formula 1 hybrid technology, high-performance plug-in hybrid drive system with 1.6 1.6-litre V6 turbocharged petrol engine and four electric motors

The smart vision EQ fortwo embodies an intelligent solution for an urban mobility of tomorrow – electric, autonomous, with neither steering wheel nor pedals.

Mercedes-Benz Media Night am Vorabend der IAA Frankfurt 2017
Mercedes-Benz Media Night on the eve of the Frankfurt International Autoshow (IAA) 2017

The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE shows AMG’s route to the “Future of Driving Performance”. The two-seater supersports show car brings the very latest and efficient, fully-fledged Formula 1 hybrid technology from the race track to the road almost par for par. The show car marks the highlight of the sports car and performance brand’s 50th anniversary year.

“The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE was born on the racetrack, created by a team that only we can put together. Our Formula 1 colleagues in Brixworth deliver the best Formula 1 powertrain in the world. The team from Brackley brings world-class development expertise. The AMG team in Affalterbach transfers motorsport performance to the road. The objective is forward-looking technology, ultimate performance, the best laps times. And all of it road legal.” says Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars.

During its first public appearance, the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE was driven on stage by Lewis Hamilton. The triple Formula 1 World Champion is also the protagonist of the global marketing campaign, accompanying the world premiere of the AMG Hypercar. The film shows how Formula 1 technology is transferred into the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE vehicle. Not only the Hypercar, but also the campaign is a milestone for the future strategic orientation of the brand. The Mercedes-AMG Project ONE demonstrates the innovative power of AMG in the sports car segment. It combines outstanding efficiency and automobile performance at the limit, which is presented in the campaign with the title “The Future of Driving Performance” in a unique and expressive way. The video can be seen at

A systematic concept for the carsharing of the future

The smart vision EQ fortwo showcases a new solution for an individualised, highly flexible and efficient form of local public transport. The fully autonomous, electric-drive study presents a systematic concept for future urban mobility and the carsharing of the future. It picks up passengers directly at their preferred location and has neither steering wheel nor pedals. It is the first vehicle to embody all four elements of the company’s CASE strategy: “Connected”, “Autonomous”, “Shared” and “Electric”.

“The smart vision EQ fortwo has been rethought from the ground up, exclusively for comfortable transport from A to B in the city of the future. It is based on two principles that are actually mutually exclusive – sharing and personalisation. The passenger can pick someone else up along the way and share music, photos and the cost of the ride. That’s our idea of premium carsharing” says Dr. Dieter Zetsche. “To ensure you never have to wait long for a ride, the vehicles will travel in a swarm. Intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence analyse usage patterns to ensure that the swarm moves at the right time to where vehicles will be needed.”

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