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The Cullinan – Effortless Everywhere

10 May 2018, Goodwood

Breaking into the world of “all terrain” Rolls-Royce yesterday unveiled their all new SUV, The Cullinan, one of 2018’s and the company’s most anticipated Vehicles. Fittingly named after the 3 106.75 Carat diamond found in South Africa in 1905, the Cullinan has been set up for a exceptional aesthetics standard. The diamond cut into several stones that form part of the United Kingdom’s Crown Jewels is still regarded as one of Earths most beautiful masterpieces.

Prestige Digital | The Cullinan - Effortless Everywhere


“The super-luxury lifestyle is evolving and Rolls-Royce is in the lead. Luxury is no longer an urban concept. More and more it is about embracing and experiencing the wider world. Our customers expect to go everywhere in luxury, effortlessly and without compromise, conquering the most challenging terrain to enjoy life’s most enriching experiences, wherever they may be. For this reason, they have asked us to create a Rolls-Royce that offers uncompromised luxury wherever they dare to venture. Cullinan is that car. It is Effortless, Everywhere.”

Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.


Prestige Digital | The Cullinan - Effortless Everywhere


When Rolls-Royce announced three years ago that it would launch Cullinan, it did so in the knowledge that its customers around the world had asked it to build “The Rolls-Royce of SUVs”, with luxury, performance and usability not seen before in the SUV market. 

It was clear that new, younger and more adventurous customers wanted a Rolls-Royce that would take them completely off the beaten track and reward them with life’s most enriching experiences. What they didn’t want was a vehicle as ubiquitous as an SUV with compromises such as increased cabin noise due to the “two-box” formula; shared platforms that affect performance and comfort; the choice of being good either on-road or off-road; or a lower, more featureless SUV that blends in and becomes just another car.

 Prestige Digital | The Cullinan - Effortless Everywhere

The rear passenger compartment of Cullinan has been designed to offer the best seat in the house for the owner’s particular needs. Two rear configurations are offered – Lounge Seats or Individual Seats.

The seats fold electronically in a number of configurations by pressing the appropriate button in the boot or rear door pocket. One press sees each backrest effortlessly fold down, whist at the same time moving the headrests upwards to avoid making an imprint on the seat cushion. Both seat backs can be folded completely, creating a flat load area or in a 2/3 and 1/3 split, increasing practicality even further. Rolls-Royce’s investment in making the rear of Cullinan effortlessly and ultimately practical has the side benefit of offering a loading length longer than a Range Rover Vogue Extended Wheelbase. A very practical Rolls-Royce indeed.

Prestige Digital | The Cullinan - Effortless Everywhere

Features to keep in Mind

  • First ‘three-box’ SUV – providing distinct, comfortable passenger environments
  • Most technically advanced and only purpose built SUV world wide
  • Bespoke customisations to suit each owner’s unique lifestyle
  • 6.5 liter, twin turbo, V12 engine that provides 420kw of power and 850Nm of torque.

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