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New Lexus LX

The all-new Lexus LX premieres

The all-new Lexus LX is the second model of the next generation of Lexus. It follows the NX. Lexus held the world premiere of the new LX in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates today. The official reveal video is available online at

Indications are that it will go on sale in South Africa in the first quarter of 2022.

Known as Lexus’ flagship SUV due to its high quality, ride comfort, and driving performance that can withstand all kinds of roads around the world, the LX first drove onto the world stage in 1996. With the new LX Lexus continues to refine the founding concepts of the original LX: “reliability”, “durability”, and “rough-road driving performance”.

The New LX

Exceptional comfort and enriched life experiences were further focal points in the design. The traditional body-on-frame structure ensures reliability, durability, and driving performance. However, the LX renews its characteristics by adopting the new GA-F platform. This means a weight reduction of approximately 200kg and a digitally developed high-rigidity body.

A snippet and taste of the new LX

The new LX will be available with a high-output, high-torque 3.5-litre V6 twin-turbo petrol engine. A powerful 3.3-litre V6 diesel twin-turbo engine will also be available.

Electronically controlled brakes (ECB) and an electric power steering system (EPS) ensure customers will enjoy Lexus-unique driving performance to the fullest, both on-road and off-road.

These innovations, plus the adoption of two new available powertrains, will also contribute to improved environmental performance. A reduction of annual CO2 emissions when the vehicle is in use by approximately 20% on a global cumulative basis compared to the previous model, contributes to the realisation of a carbon-neutral society.

In harsh off-road environments, to promote a safer and more comfortable driving experience, the instrument panel features Lexus’ first dual display with a 12.3-inch upper screen and 7-inch lower screen, as well as Back Underfloor View, which displays the area beneath the rear part of the vehicle as a world first.

The new LX is more personalised. The newly added VIP grade offers four independent seats for elegant and safe travel on all kinds of roads. The F SPORT grade allows customers to enjoy sporty driving on winding roads.

Lexus LX Sport Grade

Lexus South Africa will confirm the local spec packages and pricing when the LX launches in the local market.

22-inch forged alloy wheels, Lexus’ largest

22 inch wheels

New 22-inch forged alloy wheels employ the high contrast of black and machined brilliance. This emphasises the fact that they are the largest ever featured on a Lexus.


While pursuing a design that contributes to athletic performance and function (a design perspective that began with the new NX), the new LX expresses ideal proportions through a blending of sophistication, power, and presence befitting a flagship SUV.

Among other featured technologies, Lexus’ first fingerprint-authentication push-start switch contributes to reducing the risk of theft.

Following the NX, the Lexus brand badge in the centre of the rear no longer features the conventional L-shaped logo. Instead, the new “LEXUS” logo symbolises the next generation of Lexus.

Rear View

For the rear combination lamps, tail lamps have been adopted that combine an L-shape and a continuous axial flow from the front to the shoulders and then to the rear silhouette. The styling emphasises the new LX’s lively and sharp design and expresses Lexus consistency.

We are looking forward to meeting the new LX in person!

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