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Lamborghini Countach 2021

New Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 leaked

Earlier this week Lamborghini posted an edgy video on their Facebook page to announce that the new Countach is coming. It revealed nothing except a sleek silhouette in the distance. Yesterday they added some teaser images to their Instagram that had fans in a frenzy. Today the internet is abuzz with leaked images ahead of the anticipated reveal at Monterey Car Week this weekend.

Lamborghini Countach Leaked Image 2

The Powertrain Possibilities

One of the teaser images Lamborghini released showed a mid-mounted V12 engine beneath a glass encasing. This was the first official confirmation from Lamborghini that the supercar would, in fact, boast 12-cylinder power. The rest of the details remain unclear at this stage.

Considering that Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann mentioned that the recently revealed Aventador LP 780 Ultimae would be the company’s last purely-combustion-engined V12 production model, experts are speculating that the Countach LPI 800-4 will be based on the Sian FKP 37 and could share the same 6.5-litre V12 mild-hybrid powertrain and four-wheel drive.

The leaked badging indicated the model name to be LPI 800-4, which supports this notion. The LPI stands for ‘Longitudinale Posteriore Ibrido’. If this leaked badging is accurate, it seems to mean that the new hypercar will feature a mid-mounted engine with a longitudinal orientation and hybrid technology; 800 could refer to the powertrain’s output in metric horsepower, as with other Lamborghini models, so a power figure of 789bhp could be possible and the ‘4’ seems to support the 4-wheel drive speculation.


Design elements reminiscent of the original Countach include the flat front end, the side vents and the gills behind the cabin. Also, note the squared-off wheel arches and the quad exhausts.

The triangular intake straddling the gap between the door and the body has been recreated. The slatted engine cover and trapezoidal rear lamp surrounds are also familiar.

The pop-up lights, a standout feature of the classic Countach, have been omitted, possibly due to concerns around pedestrian safety. The new car’s headlamp units have the same shape as the Countach’s sidelights.

We await the official release of the new Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 with bated breath.

Image credit: @varryx_
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