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Mclaren Artura

McLaren Artura – A ground-breaking supercar

Luxury supercar company McLaren Automotive has revealed the McLaren Artura, its next generation high-performance hybrid supercar.

The McLaren Artura focuses more than half a century of the company’s racing and road-car experience and expertise into a next-generation supercar that blends ground-breaking technology with McLaren’s dedication to pure driver engagement.

A spectacular digital launch coming from its global headquarters revealed the McLaren Artura to the world. The launch also featured McLaren’s new Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

Super-lightweight engineering

Underpinned by the McLaren philosophy of super-lightweight engineering, the all-new Artura is the distillation of every attribute inherent in a McLaren – distinctive design, unrivalled performance, dynamic excellence and engineering innovation – with electrification now bringing the additional benefits of even faster throttle response, lower emissions and being able to run in pure EV mode for emissions-free journeys of up to 30km*.

“Every drop of McLaren’s experience and expertise has been poured into the Artura. Our all-new, high-performance hybrid delivers all of the performance, driver engagement and dynamic excellence for which McLaren is renowned, with the additional benefit of electric driving capability. 

The introduction of the Artura is a landmark moment – not only for McLaren, or for our customers who will enjoy this car on every emotional level and for the supercar market but also for the wider sector as we demonstrate that lightweight engineering and electrification must go hand-in-hand to deliver agile performance and driver engagement as part of an electrified future.”  says Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive Officer, McLaren Automotive

McLaren Artura Exterior Design

The exterior design complements the engineering artistry beneath the Artura’s skin.

The low-nose and high-tail stance is pure supercar. McLaren’s signature dihedral doors underlines the drama. They open closer to the body and house mirrors that fold in more tightly. The Artura’s short wheelbase and low stance further enhance its supercar stance.

The overall effect gives a ‘shrink-wrapped’ appearance, evolving a design approach seen in recent models to a new level.

The lithe, technical sculpture has only minimal body shut lines and panel joints.

McLaren’s design principle of ‘everything for a reason’ is in evidence throughout the car. It drives the shape of the Artura: sculpted to optimise performance and manage airflow for aerodynamic performance and cooling.

McLaren Artura Interior Design

Occupants will find the inside of the Artura no less of a revolution. The cockpit is even more centred around the driver.

Designers carefully considered ergonomics. The steering wheel is clear of unnecessary switches. The driver can adjust driving modes without taking their hands away from the wheel. This keeps them fully connected to the driving experience.

Prestige Digital | McLaren Artura - A ground-breaking supercar

An all-new McLaren infotainment and connectivity system utilises two high-definition screens. The Artura also features a Bluetooth low-energy vehicle key. The key detects when the driver is heading towards the vehicle and powers up to welcome occupants. This includes ambient, ‘hidden-until-lit’ lighting in the doors, which act like beacons to occupants about to drive at night.

Once inside the Artura, a driver can choose from four Powertrain modes, including an E-mode for up to 30km* of emissions-free, electric-only driving.

Comfort mode maximises range and efficiency. The combustion engine is shut off under 40km/h using an extended stop and start mode that is phased in for greater speed and power requirements.

Prestige Digital | McLaren Artura - A ground-breaking supercar

Sport and Track modes, however, deploy the electric power in an increasingly aggressive manner for low-end response and acceleration. The handling mode choices adjust damper firmness and the degree of Electronic Stability Control intervention to suit driver preference and weather and road conditions.

McLaren Artura Powertrain and battery capabilities

McLaren’s philosophy of super-lightweight engineering underpins the Artura. Electrification now brings the additional benefits of even faster throttle response, lower emissions, and running in pure EV mode for emissions-free journeys of up to 30km.*

Being entirely new, Artura presented McLaren’s designers and engineers with opportunities to innovate. Chief among these being how to preserve McLaren’s super-lightweight engineering prowess when adding hybrid powertrain elements, including an E-motor and battery pack.

The Artura boasts full plug-in hybrid (PHEV) capability and charges to an 80 per cent level in just 2.5 hours.

The batteries can also harvest recharging power from the combustion engine during driving and tailored to the driving mode selected.

Innovative chassis

The Artura is the first supercar to have the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) at its core.

Designed and manufactured at the McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC) in the Sheffield region, the MCLA sets a new standard for McLaren’s advanced chassis design.

Prestige Digital | McLaren Artura - A ground-breaking supercar

Optimised for high-performance hybrid applications, MCLA includes a bespoke battery compartment and introduces a ground-breaking domain-based ethernet electrical architecture which reduces cabling by 25 per cent while speeding up data transmission.

Every Artura comes with a five-year vehicle warranty, a six-year battery warranty and 10-year body warranty.

McLaren retailers are taking advance orders for the McLaren Artura, with first deliveries to customers expected in Q3 of 2021.

*value pending final validation

Prestige Digital | McLaren Artura - A ground-breaking supercar
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