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Maserati MC20 Top View

Maserati MC20 arrives in South Africa

A new era has dawned at Maserati South Africa, with the arrival of the very first Maserati MC20 super sports cars.

The very first unit – finished in a multi-layer Bianco Audace paint and with a raft of unique carbon fibre detailing – has bee delivered to its new owner. A second MC20, finished in the stunning Blu Infinito colour, is currently on display at Maserati House in Johannesburg.

“The Maserati MC20 welcomes a new era for Maserati, both globally and in South Africa. As a super sports car, the MC20 represents the pinnacle of performance and a return to Maserati-unique power plants with its Nettuno engine. As a nameplate, it signals the return to racing in closed-wheel competitions for a brand that was born on the racetrack. And for Maserati South Africa, it opens the order book for the MC20, the Levante Hybrid and soon, the new Maserati Grecale,”

says Nagesh Naidoo, Dealer Principal of Maserati Johannesburg.

Maserati MC20 – designed and built exclusively to order

Each Maserati MC20 that will be delivered to a South African customer in 2022 has been specifically designed and built exclusively to order.

In fact, customers spend time with the Maserati team in the Maserati Configuration Room to design and specify their model. This takes place under the Fuoriserie Customisation Programme. Customers also have the option of visiting the Modena manufacturing plant to view their super sports car during its build.

Maserati MC20 Bianco Audace

“The MC20 is completely bespoke and only available in very limited numbers globally. In this, as in its performance, design and motorsport heritage, it is a true successor to the legendary MC12,”

says Nagesh.

The MC20 is a mid-engine super sports car that offers a select few the thrill of its biturbo Nettuno V6 engine, which delivers 630 horsepower and 750 Newton metres in a carbon-bodied supercar that weighs less than 1500 kg*. Top speed rates at over 326 km/h, and the zero to 100 km/h sprint takes just 2,88 seconds.

For more information on the Maserati MC20 or to configure your own supercar, visit Alternatively, visit Maserati House on Bryanston Boulevard in Johannesburg.

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