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Lexus Making Luxury Personal

Lexus is making luxury personal

Lexus has a unique vision. Lexus is making luxury personal. By transforming function into emotion, performance into passion and technology into imagination, the Lexus story is special. In addition, the fundamentals of the brand are centred around craftsmanship, the customer and hospitality. Everything that Lexus does is designed around customer experience.

Anticipating customers’ needs

Lexus strives to anticipate customers’ needs, electrifying senses through the drive and technology. Equally important, they strive to make each journey more amazing than the last. This vision translates into the ‘Making Luxury Personal’ brand approach that Lexus is excited about sharing with new and existing customers.

“Real luxury is never superficial, but thoughtfully considered and gracefully delivered. It feels engaging, exhilarating, and deeply personal”.

explaines Glenn Crompton: Vice President of Lexus South Africa

“It’s expressed through imaginative technology that’s both effortless and intuitive. It’s ‘omotenashi’ that exceeds expectations with heartfelt hospitality. And it’s meticulous craftmanship and refined elegance that captivates the senses. By making luxury personal, Lexus authentically creates happiness in motion.”

adds Crompton

The Creation Philosophy

The process begins with brave ideas and inspiration taken from unique elements. They include nature, the Japanese way of thinking and the human experience. Lexus cultivates its ideas into visionary concepts and, in the end, pioneers exceptional vehicles.

Of course, each Lexus goes through the talented eye and care of the Takumi. These master craftspeople spend decades honing their craft to achieve unparalleled dexterity and skill. They embrace mindful repetition to cultivate mastery at the highest level. In doing so, crafting becomes intuitive and second nature. It takes as much as 60,000 hours to become a Takumi.

They leave their imprint on every Lexus through exquisitely crafted details expressed through artisanal techniques. Inspired by the Omotenashi principle every step of the way, they craft each detail for ultimate comfort. Harmony obviously defines the relationship between Takumi and technology. Blending the very pinnacle of human capability with modern machinery.

Technology and Kaizen

At Lexus, the engineers are always striving for better. In the spirit of Kaizen – the quest for continuous improvement – they stay committed to reimagining automotive technology, sometimes in unexpected ways. They develop the technologies found in each Lexus, not just to be the most advanced. They are designed around the customer – to be intelligent and intuitive and to make your driving experience better by anticipation.

“Lexus continues to stay true to its heritage while looking towards the future of automotive technology, design and experiences”.

states Glenn Crompton
Lexus making luxury personal

The Road to Carbon Neutral 

Lexus’ full commitment to its carbon-neutral strategy includes a focus on lowering fuel emissions by taking confident steps on the path to providing realistic electrified motoring. 

By 2050, Lexus aims to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the lifecycle of its entire model line-up – from the manufacturing of materials, parts and vehicles, to vehicle logistics, to the final disposal and recycling of older vehicles.

With a clear mission to achieve carbon neutrality, Lexus is reducing the environmental impact of material manufacturing processes. In South Africa, the brand already has a full hybrid line-up in some of the model ranges, namely – the Lexus IS and UX (exclusively available in hybrid). Furthermore, of the nine models sold, five boast a hybrid model.

“Lexus will continue to develop innovative products that will add colour to the diversifying lifestyles of our customers”.

adds Crompton

The New Dealer Approach

Lexus customers will discover a visionary new purchasing and ownership experience. As a matter of fact earlier this month, the brand announced the opening of its newly designed and Japanese craft-inspired KZN flagship dealership and Lexus Experience Centre, situated in the heart of Umhlanga.

Going forward, there will be four Lexus dealerships (Western Cape, KZN and 2 in Gauteng) which will embrace a new design philosophy that radiates modern style, welcoming warmth and premium quality, underscored by even further enhanced customer service, operating as the brand’s ultimate experience centre.

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