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137 Phantom

Introducing the 137 Phantom by Tamarit Motorcycles

Perceptible Sensations

Project 137 Phantom is an embodiment of visionary ingenuity, combining classic racing aesthetics with a touch of reality. Crafted to exhilarate adrenaline enthusiasts and appeal to lovers of classic beauty, this Tracker-style motorcycle is a sight to behold.

Unrivalled Specialists – 137 Phantom

At the heart of Tamarit Motorcyles’ expertise lies a mastery of neo-classic Triumph engines, setting them apart as the world’s foremost specialists. With over 135 unique motorcycles showcased on their website and around 50 more yet to be revealed, Tamarit Motorcycles’ core value lies in the extensive know-how they’ve gained through each project.

Fresh Tracks and Classic Charm

Built on the foundation of a Bonneville 900 engine, known for its adaptability, the 137 Phantom embodies the speed and racing essence of motorcycles fresh off the track. Its classic aesthetics are adorned with bronze-coloured lines on the tank. This breaks tradition with a rebellious touch that harmoniously complements brass and chrome accents.

A Breakthrough in Transmission

Taking on a new challenge, the 137 Phantom features a cutting-edge belt transmission system, replacing the conventional chain drive. This intricate process required a deep understanding of the motorcycle’s mechanics, resulting in less noise, easier maintenance, and enhanced durability. The belt drive system minimizes power loss due to reduced friction. This leads to fuel efficiency, making it ideal for urban riders.

The Lenticular Edge

Project 137 boasts a remarkable 16″ lenticular wheel designed to improve stability and reduce turbulence through advanced aerodynamics. This unique wheel also houses a custom-made golden embellisher, an exclusive touch created by the skilled Tamarit team.

Enhanced Handling with Mono-shock Suspension

To enhance stability and handling, a Hagon Nitro mono-shock suspension graces the motorcycle’s rear, applying even pressure through a single valve, unlike dual shocks.

137 Phantom: Craftsmanship in Chrome and Brass

Handcrafted precision comes to life with chrome plating on seat posts, the shock absorber, and the engine. This meticulous chemical process results in a mirror-like shine, showcasing the dedication to detail that defines their premium motorcycle brand.

The Intelligent Hub

At the heart of the motorcycle lies the Motogadget Motoscope Mini odometer, contributing to a minimalist finish. Other Motogadget components, including front and rear turn signals and the ECU, optimize the motorcycle’s electronics, with the Motogadget ECU being the most comprehensive on the market. Monitor your bike fully through your smartphone with its app.

Signature Custom Exhaust of the 137 Phantom

The 137 Phantom boasts a unique signature feature, presenting the same top-mounted chrome exhaust system found in the iconic motorcycle Circe. With a brass-finished protective grille and a handcrafted brass embellisher welded and integrated seamlessly into the exhaust, this exhaust system is a work of art.

In conclusion, Project 137 Phantom exemplifies the perfect fusion of timeless aesthetics, technological innovation, and masterful craftsmanship. This makes it an unrivalled gem in the world of motorcycles.

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