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Ferrari 488 GT Modificata

Ferrari 488 GT Modificata: Greater Power

The new limited edition Ferrari 488 GT Modificata incorporates technology developed for the 488 GT3 and 488 GTE and transcends the limits imposed by technical and sporting regulations. As a result, the 488 GT Modificata is exclusively for use during track days and at Ferrari Club Competizioni GT events.

Prestige Digital | Ferrari 488 GT Modificata: Greater Power

Greater Power

Interestingly, the word “Modificata” means designs that have evolved for better performance. In this case, the combination of the best solutions of the 488 GT3 and 488 GTE maximises already stellar performance. Also, the FIA Balance of Performance no longer limits the powertrain.  After advanced research into the legendary twin-turbo V8, engineers have carried over materials from the racing engine. In addition, the more extreme high-performance mapping delivers maximum power of around 700 horsepower. The gearbox and carbon-fibre clutch help manage the increased power and torque of the engine.

Noble Origins

The 488 GTE competes in the World Endurance Championship, and the 488 GT3 is the queen of racing. Boasting 350+ wins and 630 podium finishes in national and international races, they are, not surprisingly, some of the most successful Ferrari models in history.  The 488 GT Modificata is thus the perfect synthesis of the two.

Winning Dynamics

Prestige Digital | Ferrari 488 GT Modificata: Greater Power

The completely revamped high-downforce aerodynamics moves the pressure centre forward. The resulting higher downforce at the front leads to better efficiency and sensitivity to changes in rear wing angle. The bodywork is entirely carbon-fibre, save for the aluminium roof and uprights, and this contributes to a downforce of over 1000kg at 230 km/h.

Ferrari’s engineers opted to use the 488 GTE’s suspension and a braking system developed in partnership with Brembo. The low residual torque callipers fitted to world championship cars and ABS borrowed from the 488 GT3 Evo 2020 provides drivers with formidable handling and robust, stable braking with limited fading.

Unique Equipment

Prestige Digital | Ferrari 488 GT Modificata: Greater Power

The standard equipment of the 488 GT Modificata includes a V-Box acquisition system combined with Bosch’s telemetry data acquisition system. Data is downloaded directly onto a USB stick. A TPMS system for measuring tyre temperature and pressure, a second seat and a high-resolution rear-view camera come standard.

Full Personalisation

The 488 GT Modificata, like all Ferraris, offers customers a wide range of customisation options for the exterior and interior. Since it is produced in a very limited series, the 488 GT Modificata will initially only be for drivers who have taken part in Competizioni GT with Club Competizioni GT or Ferrari in recent years.

Club Competizioni GT

Of course, the 488 GT Modificata will be admitted to Club Competizioni GT events. The Club aims to bring the most successful and significant cars in the recent history of Ferrari’s closed-wheel racing back to the track, from the F40 Competizione to the more recent 488 GT3 and GTE.

During 2021, customers will have the chance to participate in five events on tracks that bring out the handling and dynamic qualities of the cars. These include the Virginia International Raceway, Monza, Watkins Glen, Suzuka and Nürburgring as well as the Finali Mondiali.

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