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Creatures Invading Prada Store Windows

Creatures invading Prada store windows

For the Holidays season, the original Pradamalia creatures are invading Prada store windows.


This new family of tricks – generated in imaginary and futuristic Prada Labs – is the result of a collaboration with 2X4 New York.


Against a nighttime backdrop, illuminated by the glow of blinking red, purple and magenta lights, these curious and unique creatures with original personalities take their place in an unusual and sometimes bizarre way among the products on display, revering them and sometimes advancing with controlled movements that evoke an enchanting holiday mood.


A border of dim light bulbs frames the scene at the center of which are featured Prada products for the holidays, including the Pradamalia items which are available in different versions and sizes.

PRESTIGE_Prada_Fashion_PradamaliaSource: Prada
Images: Supplied

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